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MOB by T.H. Seeds is a strain full of sweet aromas, as well as a high production rate of sticky, meaty buds; the kind that grind up entirely in the grinder. For a lot of smokers, this is the sweetest version and the most similar to the original Berry. This strain comes from selecting and retro-crossing several phenotypes of the same plant which was obtained from crossing a Blueberry with the famous Purple Kush. This plant produces a heft amount of trichomes, so a lot of growers tend to use it for extractions, which come out extremely sweet. It has won several national competitions thanks to its look and irresistible aroma.


How hard is MOB by T.H. Seeds to Grow?


Growing MOB Successfully Indoors

In indoor areas and grow tents you’ll get the most in terms of taste and yield since the lower number of branches makes it possible to place many plants together without them overlapping. It has a reasonable and easy to control height, so you can plant it in small areas to help keep up your crops with discretion. It only takes 7 weeks to flower, making it the ideal plant for impatient or novice growers. You can fit 10 plants per square meter, getting up to 500g total.


Growing MOB Successfully Outdoors

Outdoors, this plant shines, reaching up to 2m tall, depending on the phenotype. It’s simple to take care of; all you have to do is give it nutrients rich in phosphorus and potassium so that its fruits can develop properly. You can get up to 600g per plant, which should be ready by mid-to-late September. Use Final Flush to remove excess salts before harvesting.


Medicinal Effects and Marked Flavor

This indica is the perfect medicine for cannabis users that are looking for the best therapeutic effects used to relieve pains of all kind. The taste is sweet and fruity, with a hint of red-currant. It’s wonderful to look at and to taste.


Sativa/Indica: 0/100%

Flowering: 50-60 days indoors, towards the end of September outdoors.

Height: 0.6-1.1m indoors, 1-2m outdoors.

MOB Mother of Berries


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