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Auto Critical Hog by T.H. Seeds is an autoflowering plant that’s quite easy to grow, perfect for both beginners and experts alike. It needs a lot of water, although for the first 20 days you’ll want to water very sparingly in order to entice its roots to grow more.


Learn to grow Auto Critical Hog indoors

Indoors, with around 16 plants per square meter, they shouldn’t grow too tall. You should use 7L flowerpots in order to get the most out of this formation, yielding anywhere between 20 and 40g per plant; that’s not that much, which is why we recommend using a SoG trellis in order to increase yield.


Learn to grow Auto Critical Hog outdoors

Outdoors is where this strain does best, yielding up to 150g per plant which is triple the amount than indoors. It should be ready just 70 days after germination. They can grow up to 1.2m outdoors, something to take into account for discretion. They also grow plenty of branches, which increases yield. This strain is too fast for insects to get their hands on it, although we recommend using natural insecticides, such as Trabe Products, as well as fungicides in order to avoid any possible scares.


Auto Critical Hog Flavor and Effects

It has a sweet, citric flavor with a fruity aftertaste. It gives quite a relaxing effect, relaxing your muscles and allowing you to just let go.


Sativa/Indica: 20/80%

Flowering: 70 days after germination.

Height: 0.6-1m indoors and outdoors.

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Auto Hog


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