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French Macaron by T.H. Seeds is a feminized, average-sized strain with a strong structure. This indica-dominant plant flowers quite fast and produces a gigantically thick layer of resin. In order to create this strain, a Gelato 33 was crossed with a French Cookies. It has quite a short distance between leaf-nodes, with wide, dark-green leaves. It can be grown pretty much anywhere, offering large yields. Its dark purple buds look quite appetizing.


Growing French Macaron Indoor Growing

Indoors this plant is extremely easy to grow, as it only grows about one meter tall and it has quite a short flowering period. With just 12 plants per square meter and 14 growing days before flipping the lights you can easily fill out your grow tent. Make sure you’re using a good extractor or dehumidifier, as these thick buds can be quite vulnerable to rot. After around 60-65 flowering days you’ll be able to harvest up to 500g per square meter.


Growing French Macaron Outdoor Growing

Outdoors this plant is a great choice – it grows well in pretty much any climate when it gets the right care. It loves the heat and dry climates, and if you feed and water it properly you’ll get some pretty impressive results. If you grow in a humid area you’ll need to use some sort of fungi prevention product. Towards the end of September you’ll be able to get around 700g per plant when done correctly.


French Macaron Flavor and Effect

Its flavor is a combination of earthy, diesel-like flavors, similar to Sour Diesel Auto, with a caramel aftertaste. Its effect is relaxing and not that intense, perfect for still getting stuff done.


Sativa/Indica: 20/80%

Flowering: 60-65 days indoors, end of September outdoors.

Height: 0.8-1.1m indoors, 1.3-1.8m outdoors.

Gelato 33 x French Cookies


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